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Research & Development

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The aim of the research is threefold: (1) to identify microbial stool biomarkers associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and eczema, (2) develop risk prediction model for ASD and eczema and (3) explore the effect of various microbiome modulation approaches for amelioration of ASD and eczema.


With the mother-baby cohort, we will be able to generate valuable mega data and huge microbiome reservoir. Using the Big Data Discovery platform, we can identify unique microbial markers that are associated with childhood conditions. Besides, the microbiome reservoir allows us to increase the precision of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations, and product development through purification, isolation and characterization. The product development cycle involves pre-clinical and clinical testing as well as validations in different populations. New data generated will go into our research database to enable iterative improvement.

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Research Flow

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Establish mother-baby cohort

Compare and identify microbial markers

Use of Big Data Discovery Platform (bioinformatics, machine learning & artificial intelligence)

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Generate microbiome data

Through purification, isolation & characterization

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Generate microbiome reservoir

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Increase precision of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations & product development

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Product Development Cycle





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Research Plan

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Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

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