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四葉草 及 ​元素

Lucky Clover & Elements

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Our Symbol

The lucky clover symbolizes HATCH's mission “to bring health and hope to our future generation”. Each leaf holds a unique value, all of which are essential. The four components represent different aspects: meaning, partners, objectives, and talent. First of all, the meaning of lucky clover encompasses faith, hope, love, and luck. Partners include growth partner and funder - The D. H. Chen Foundation, HATCH, power hub – MagIC, and community. Objectives of HATCH involve early risk prediction, treatment outcome modulation, talent development, and community outreach. Last but not least, talent stands for the Talent Development Programmes, which include the Summer Microbiome Institute, Microbial Health Ambassadors, The D. H. Chen Foundation Graduate Trainees, and The D. H. Chen Foundation Microbiome Research Fellows. 

Similar to traditional Western culture, where the lucky clover represents luck and happiness, HATCH shares a similar mission and vision. By offering a sustainable development platform for future generations, we empower them to create their own kind of abundance and perpetuate this value for their next generation.

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Five Elements

HATCH, the name of our organization, embodies our core values and principles: Health, Adventurous, Together, Create, and Hope. We are dedicated to promoting child and gut health awareness, guiding youth in exploring biotechnology, and generating innovations to bring hope to families affected by serious conditions.


Raising public awareness and promoting the importance of child health and gut health issues


Providing guidance and opportunities for youth to explore the Biotechnology field including research & development, clinical services and entrepreneurship

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Our Growth Partner and Funder - The D. H. Chen Foundation and our Power Hub - MagIC joint together as HATCH and walk together with the future generation


With our innovations in gut health research, we are creating an accessible platform and various opportunities for our children and teenagers


By generating patent-

protected innovations, reignite and bring hope to those children and families affected by serious conditions

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