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Another “Relaxed Performance”, Encouraging SEN Children to Engage in Mini PLAY

Date: March 17, 2024                                                             Location: Tai Po Arts Centre

The HATCH Mini PLAY Theatre for SEN Families, organized by The D. H. Chen Foundation Hub of Advanced Technology for Child Health (HATCH), concluded with great success! Around 10 children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and their families took part in the meaningful interactive drama performance.

This new narrative drew inspiration from classic fairy tales and blended with elements of traditional Hong Kong cuisine. Within this reimagined tale, Red and the Piggy Bun brothers, as neighbours, harnessed the power of their intellect to triumph over the challenges posed by Wolffy. During the play, the children transcended their passive observer roles and became active participants, immersing themselves in the world of drama. They teamed up with the actresses and took on the roles of story characters, beginning an exciting journey where their own experiences became intertwined with the story, shaping its development in meaningful and enjoyable ways.

This "relaxed performance" bears resemblance to the SEN Children and Families New Year Celebration organized by HATCH last December. In collaboration with The Radiant Theatre, HATCH meticulously adjusted lighting and sound effects and set up the cool down corner to help children alleviate any nervousness or anxiety that might arise in an unfamiliar environment. By providing a stress-free environment where children with SEN can enjoy performances in person, this event also offered a rare opportunity to encourage them to adapt and regulate their emotions in different situations, equipping them to face future life challenges with confidence.

The children not only thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance but also actively engaged in the interactive segments, embracing various roles from the play and driving the progression of the story. They had a truly wonderful time with their families, and their performance was exceptionally heartwarming.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizations that supported this event, including our Growth Partner and Funder, The D. H. Chen Foundation, GenieBiome as the generous sponsor, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong Clinical Psychology Support Service as the supporting organization. We also express our appreciation to The Radiant Theatre, as well as the student helpers from the Faculty of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to call for public attention and support for the health and needs of SEN children. HATCH wish to collaborate with our partners to bring more meaningful events for the next generation in the future.

About HATCH:

HATCH, its full name being The D. H. Chen Foundation Hub of Advanced Technology for Child Health, was jointly established by the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and growth partner and funder, The D. H. Chen Foundation. With our innovations in microbial diagnostics and replacement therapies, HATCH’s mission is to bring health and hope to our future generation through research, education, and community outreach.



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