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PART 1: Personal Information

PART 2: School Information

PART 3: Parent / Legal Guardian Information

PART 4: Extracurricular Activities

Please list below, the extra-curricular interests and activities that you have joined during you’re current school life. These may include but are not limited to academics, athletics, music, theater, visual arts and other arts, school clubs and organizations, community service, part-time job experience, and more:

PART 5: Skills

Please tick the application / software that you have used before. (Can choose more than one)
Language (Can choose more than one)

PART 6: Personal Statement

In 300-400 words and English, please write an introduction of yourself, the reasons that you want to join this programme, and what are your expectations (s) after completing this programme.

Please upload your latest academic result or transcript, recommendation Letter (if any)

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Thank you!

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